I have been debating long and hard over the walker. I  definitely didn’t want the big walker. Not that there is anything wrong with them but: 1. I don’t like how they look, 2. I reed articles suggesting that they aren’t good for kids 3. I don’t have a space for it. 

 I knew that I wanted a push along walker, for it to support Chloes learning on how to walk. The choice is huge (as with everything when it comes to babies) wooden/plastic, prams/cars, big/small, with activities/without, expensive/cheap.

 For once I think that I took sensible decision and chosen something not too expensive, small, wooden which means that quality is better, and something that she can play with once she walks by herself, but we are not stuck with it for ages.  I have chosen to buy the wooden pram walker. It wasn’t too expensive with a price tag of £35. Chloe can play with it after she learns how to walk but if she does not want to,  it doesn’t matter as it wasn’t expensive and we can just get rid of it.  

 What is important is that it supports her in learning (which a standard walker doesn’t do as it has too much support) . She learns how to balance, how to push, and makes her so much more confident  in her walking. 

She loves it ! She keeps walking up and down, and she could do it all day long. The only problem is she doesn’t know how to turn around 😂😂😂. 



Who would think that I would have such a strong opinion about bibs 😊

I know it’s a bit random but if your baby is dribbling all day long and insane amount of it, you start to have a vey strong opinions about bibs 🙂 

I always thought that it should look nice and that’s it. Now I discovered that’s not the case. Bibs checklist:

1. Obviously it needs to be pretty 

2. Traditional square shape with round cutting around the neck. Sounds silly ? I bought a lot of  triangle ones and they don’t fit around the neck properly and are quite short which means that she dribbles around it 🙂

3. Needs to have a waterproof lining underneath. Why? Bib without it is totally wet after an hour and so is Chloe’s top. 

4. Ideally don’t have velcro sticking it together. Reason behind is that after a few washes it stops working and it’s damaging you other clothes in the wash:-)

Hope that you find it helpful 😊


Haven’t we all spend lots and lots of money’s on our first baby? You think that they need everything , and everything needs to be the best ! You do lots of research to make sure you have everything and anything what you and your baby may need. It’s natural, we have done exactly this same 😄 and I do have to say I loved every minute of the shopping  and spending every penny was a pleasure:-) 

 I have done a lot of research before buying anything and reed other mums reviews which I found very helpful. A lot of things you learn and discover as you go in to this unknown word … This part of the blog will be my take on all of the THINGS our baby “NEEDS”. Hope that you will find it helpful x