Who would think that I would have such a strong opinion about bibs 😊

I know it’s a bit random but if your baby is dribbling all day long and insane amount of it, you start to have a vey strong opinions about bibs πŸ™‚ 

I always thought that it should look nice and that’s it. Now I discovered that’s not the case. Bibs checklist:

1. Obviously it needs to be pretty 

2. Traditional square shape with round cutting around the neck. Sounds silly ? I bought a lot of  triangle ones and they don’t fit around the neck properly and are quite short which means that she dribbles around it πŸ™‚

3. Needs to have a waterproof lining underneath. Why? Bib without it is totally wet after an hour and so is Chloe’s top. 

4. Ideally don’t have velcro sticking it together. Reason behind is that after a few washes it stops working and it’s damaging you other clothes in the wash:-)

Hope that you find it helpful 😊

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