Playpen/ baby prison  …. YES OR NO? NO NO NO !  

 In principle it’s a great idea. You have something where you can put your baby when you want to use the toilet, tidy up, have a shower … In practice it’s a waste of money !  

 We bought nice wooden play pen quite quickly because Chloe started crawling at 6 months and also because her grandparents will be looking after her 3 days a week when I go back to work. It mean to be used whenever we need to leave the room and Chloe can’t go with us. 

 I have managed to have Chloe in it maybe twice without screaming. I have tried everything : putting all her favourite toys in it, leaving her there to cry so she understands that crying won’t change anything, going in to it with her to show how fun it is…. Nothing worked. 

 I have spend £200 pounds on something what is currently taking up a lot of space in my living room and is collecting dust! 

 Speaking to other mums I found out that most of them have been faced with exactly this same outcome ( I think that  there are only 2 babies who I know of that don’t mind being in a play pen). 

Based  on that I would not recommend buying one ! Or just buy a travel for which then you can use for traveling / playpen. 

 What’s is your opinion parents ??? 

2 thoughts on “Playpen/ baby prison  …. YES OR NO? NO NO NO !  

  1. We have a travel cot which is quite large and use this as a playpen/baby prison! Like your little one my baby girl quickly got the hang of crawling and with 2 cats and an abundance of Lego toys my 7 year old son plays with I needed somewhere safe for her to play. At first she hated it but over time she has got used to it. She doesn’t stay in it for long periods, it’s next to where my son plays so he’s often talking to her or they play a game of her throwing her toys out for him to chase after, I check on her regularly and its next to where we sit so she’s still part of the family. I found that giving her a couple of touchy feely books made her more willing to sit down and play in the playpen and giving just a few toys so she still has room to.move around 🙂

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    1. I wish someone would tell me to get travel cot before I spent so much money. I recon the reason why your one works it’s because she isn’t in the corner of the room and has someone to look at and doesn’t think that she has been left. Glad it works for you !


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