You all are sleeping tight  and me ?? No 

 4:30 am in the morning … Been awake for around 96 minutes …. And it doesn’t seem as if I am going to sleep any time soon, why? Trying to get Chloe in to her routine of sleeping through the night.
 You know when you reed that you shouldn’t be bringing your baby to your bed when she/he is unwell, that you shouldn’t be breast feeding them for comfort, you shouldn’t be picking them up and rocking … I can understand why they say NOT to do it. 

 Few weeks back Chloe has had her first cold and straight after she went through seperation anxiety,  this means a lot of getting  up at night and crying. I couldn’t see her being so upset and just leave her to it, so I breastfeed her (it was really working), cuddled her a lot and was sometimes even bringing her to bed with me (which I have never done before). Now I have my 11months old waking up between 4am and 5 am demanding to be feed, and not being able to go back to sleep without it. This has to stop as I can’t be doing it when I go back to work… I have been trying to do it now for over a week but always gave in to her demands so that me and my husband could get some sleep but now with hubby away on business trip I am on the mission to stop it and to stick to it. 

 I feel so sorry for her as she has been trying to go to sleep for the last hour without a success…. I think that this might be a very long night …. 


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