If you ask me if Chloe is teething my answer would be YES … For the past 4 months ! Was she really teething for so long? God only knows,as the teeth have a long way to go and it doesn’t happen overnight … What I know now is that she is DEFINITELY teething now. My usually very happy baby for the past 2 days has been so  upset, crying every 5 min and having small temperature. 

 We all keep waiting for those first teeth, now finally at the age of  8 months I can see tooth coming through !!!!!

 We all think that dribbling and putting everything in to the mouth is a sign that baby is teething-wrong !!!! I have reed an article which explains that this is a normal phase in baby’s development and has nothing to do with teeth. 

 So how do we know if baby is teething? 

– dribbling lots and lots more than the usual lots ! 

– temperature

– one red cheek (apparently not both)

–  red bum 

– swollen gums

– moody, clingy 

…. But it’s still a little bit of guessing game as it is with everything when it comes to babies  😉

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