Should you buy it or no ?

 Things to consider:

– It’s very big and takes up lots of space.

– It’s expensive 

– How much use will you get from it? 

 We bought it when Chloe was 4 month old as she only wanted to stand! I thought that this will be a great solution : she can stand, jumped and play.  In our case it was a waste of money. 

 We got Fisher Price Discover ‘N Grow Jumperoo which costed £80 and we used it only a handful of times. Chloe didn’t mind standing in it for 15 min max and then was getting bored. She wasn’t really in to jumping, and as soon as she started crawling she refuses to go in to it. Lots of my Mum friends agrees that in they case it wasn’t worth it. 

My advise would be buy used one, or borrow one from a friend/family. You can see if your baby likes it and if not then you can just return it or get rid of it 😀

4 thoughts on “Jumpero 

  1. Just got the fisher price rainforest jumperoo for 55 quid on amazon prime day but not too certain about it… guess will have to give it a go and see 🙂


  2. Well, my oldest is 15 yrs old and I bought a johnny jump-up, which goes in doorways. I used it with all three of my kids. They all LOVED it! I think the difference is that there aren’t any toys (so they didn’t get bored with what they were looking at), it allows a lot of movement (think trampoline jumping!) and it can be put all around the house with ease (so they see different rooms). I have no idea if these are still available to buy, but if we have another baby, I’ll be pulling our jumper back out and hoping he/she enjoys it as much as his/her siblings did!


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