WEANING – I am so so so excited !!!Β 

The day has come to start my little precious baby on solid food 😁 she will be only 5 months old but she is definitely more than ready for it (her mummy as well 😊). I know that the advice is to wait till 6 months but we will try and see how Chloe react to it. On the paper she is ready : she holds herself very well,she always stares at our food and tries  to grab it. 


 We decided to start on baby rice as it’s the most similar to milk and shouldn’t be too shocking for Chloe πŸ™‚ 

I was like a little kid in a sweet shop when u was buying baby rice and baby porridge! I am so excited about it ! 

 You need to make sure you choos a time when she is awake and happie so that’s what we did. Straight after getting up we played a little bit and then started on outr first meal. I also have given Chloe her milk first and then the baby rice. 

All of the cameras ready, camcorder in hand and off we went 


 I was expecting lots of spitting, food everywhere, mess … Non of it happened ! Chloe loved it ! She was opening her mouth and trying her best to eat of the spoon ! She ate almost everything !!! 

I was so proud of her and so surprised ! She obviously has a apettite after her mum 😊 it’s pretty incredible seeing her eating something else than my milk . I still cannot believe how well she did !!!

  Weaning is really exciting, but I also find it quite confusing. When to start on vegetables and fruits, when on meat?how much milk to give? When to move from one meal to two? What about drinking wather ? I will need to seat and revise very carefully:-) 

For now though I am looking forward to tomorrow 😁 we will be trying baby porridge 😊

2 thoughts on “WEANING – I am so so so excited !!!Β 

  1. A) Your hair looks so effortlessly flawless and I’m jealous;
    B) YAY SOLIDS! I’ve been enjoying testing out all the new foods and textures too! Just one of the many new and exciting things us mamas get to experience with our littles πŸ™‚

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