We are in Brighton !!! As part of my Christmas present we came for a weekend away to Brighton. Our first time away from house as a family! 
What is your opinion about taking 10 week old baby to the hotel ? ( if it’s negative I don’t want to hear it 😊).
I found it much easier than I thought it would be. Chloe sleepy in her carrycot and she slept pretty well! It took as a bit longer than normally to get her to sleep but once asleep she was fine. 
We were the one getting up and checking on her all the time (don’t ask me why as I won’t be able to answer). Our meal out last night was a bit of a disaster 😊. We found Jaime Oliver restaurant and decided to have a dinner in there. Once inside we been told that there is around 40 min waiting time for a table. We decided to wait in the bar area … Why? I don’t know. I think that we forgot that we have a 10 week old baby in the pram…or maybe because there was quite a few prams around the restaurant and one at the bar so it made it feel ok…. After 20min both me and my husband just went what are we doing? We shouldn’t be in the bar area with a little baby !!! So we left …
and went eat at the hotel. Fallowing day we just spent walking on the seaside and doing some shopping (Chloe like always has had much more bags than anyone else😄). We stopped for a coffee and to feed Chloe, we just started to leave when Chloe did a massive poo….and I left her nappies in the car! The thing with Chloe’s poos is that they very often leak…. Google when’re is the nearest boots, run to get nappies and come back just in time to find out that there is no baby changing facilities ….. So I changed Chloe’s nappy in the middle of Costa … Sorry everyone but it’s not my fault, there was nowhere else to do it 😁 All in all weekend was a success and Chloe seemed not too bother about the change in scenery….

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