Buying a highchair …. Almost like buying a car !

Can’t believe that  I am talking about Chloe and highchair in this same sentence!  How did my tiny tiny baby grow so much that she is able to seat in the highchair?? ( yes yes yes I know ….by eating all the time)

 I never thought that buying a highchair will be so difficult ! It took me almost a month !!! 

I have reed about highchairs so much, and then a bit more. I draged my husband to shops to look at lots of different chairs and then at the ones I already have seen.  Looked at pros and cons ect. I am only buying a highchair for God sake not a car!!!! Actually, thinking about it I don’t think that we have done that much research before buying our car 😳

 I wanted something what will look good, won’t take up 80% of my living room,is comfortable for Chloe and easy to clean. 

I got it down to 3 chairs : Cassato, Stokke and Mamas & Pappas.

There are prose and cons which each of them but it seems like Stokke ticks most of the boxes ( though it’s ridiculously expensive)  withe the bonus of having it for life ! I love the idea that she can have it for the rest of her life.

Downside of Stokke is lack of tray and cotton cushion (cotton ? With baby? That will last only 5 min). But if Stokke can’t be practical someone else will make money on it :-). I bought tray designed for Stokke and a lovely laminated cushion which I can clean easily. 

Stokke is brilliant. I am so pleased with it.


-Yes it is pain in the bum to put it together. You attache one thing and discover Thant you need to unscrew it to attache the second bit etc. 

-As I mentioned it doesn’t have a tray which isn’t great but you can buy one online. I got one and it fits perfectly is big and easily attached. 

– Cushion is made of cotton which isn’t practical at all! Again you can buy cushions designed for Stokke which are laminated so you can easily clean it. 


– Stylish, small wooden chair in lots of colours.

– So easy to clean! 

– Comfortable for Baby and good for their spine.

– Grows with your baby.

– Looks really good 🙂

 First try