NO MORE BABY SLEEPING PROBLEMS !!!! Hurray!!!! …. How wrong was I 😊#neverending

So I thought that we cracked the sleeping problem and everything will be now perfect … And it was for a day or two but then Chloe decided that she will go back to being a newborn baby and start feeding every 2 hours!!!!!! How and why??!!! Until now Chloe was eating every 5 – 6 hours at night and was sleeping perfectly in between !!! Why would she change that? 😳😳😳

On the very beginning I thought that she is going through the growth spurt, but after a week of it I guessed that this is not the reason …. She can’t be growing so much !!!

It’s been now over 2 weeks and after another bad night I hit the Internet 😀oh yes again !  I discovered that there is a lot of us with exactly this same problem. Just put on to google: 4 months old feeds every 2 hours and you will have millions of links. My research conclusions : there is lots of reasons it may be happening 😃 (I told you that nothing is ever straight forward with babies) 

1. Your milk changes at 4 months and it’s not as fatty as it use to be, because of that baby needs more to stay full or eats more often.  That would explain a lot 😊 apparently you should feed your baby more through the day and it will make her fuller at night so she won’t be up so often for the feeds. In my experience it won’t work, Chloe will eat all of the extra on top of her usual 😳😳😳 she also poos so much that I don’t think it stays in her belly for very long time 😁

2. Baby’s are so interested in the surrounding that they eat very quickly so they can explore what is happening. Obviously eating isn’t very exciting so they want to get it done very quickly and eat only the minimum needed to stop feeling hungry. That would be a good explanation as well. Apparently feeding in a dark quiet room should solve the problem. 

3. At 4 months they go through sleep regression. 

4. It’s normal up until around 6 months that babies wake up a lot and we just need to wait for them to become sleep mature !!  

So I will be trying some of it to see if it makes any difference! I will also be begging Chloe to let me sleep a bit more and maybe she will feel sorry for myself and decides to give me a small break. 

First day / night with a new born baby.

First day / night with a new born baby.
After waiting for 9 months she was her! She was perfect and so beautiful (we all say that😊). Me and my husband were so happy, excited and high on adrenaline that there was no way etcher of us will go to get some rest (let’s remember that we haven’t slept in around 40 hours). We ended up just staring at Chloe who was fast asleep through the whole day.
I remember thinking this isn’t that bad, we are really lucky as our baby doesn’t cry at all …. I couldn’t be more wrong 😊
It all started as soon as we decided that we need to get some sleep after being awake for 40 hours. Chloe started crying so I feed her, when she finished I tried to put her down in to her cot but she would cry. She cried every time I took her off my breast. After 5 hours or feeding or should I say comfort sucking I couldn’t do it anymore, I had to stop or I would start crying. She was crying and nothing except my breast would calm her and I was in so much pain that I couldn’t nurse her anymore. It was a horrible night, I remember very clearly thinking : what have we done? Our baby is a cry baby! Is this how it will be every night? In the morning we found out that all of the mums been in this same situation. But no one tells you that this is normal, that’s what babies do. On my course I been told that Chloe and will be sleeping all the time for the first 72 hours. By the time we got home (best feeling ever❤️)I was sleep deprived but I just couldn’t go to sleep. Like all of us I got home, sat on the sofa with my husband and with Chloe in front of us and we both said: what do we do now? And like everyone we ended up just looking at her for the rest of the day 😊 First night at home wasn’t much better she cried a lot which is understandable : she didn’t have a clue where she was and what was going on. On the positive side we got some sleep here and there as we kept doing turns through the night 😊. At this point we started to worry, is this how it will be all the time ??!! Don’t worry it’s not. After that Chloe has settled a bit. No, you do not get lots of sleep but you get some 😊. Chloe just wanted to be on the chest most of the time, it does make them feel safe. Chloe would feed every 2 hours for the first month. I know that is sounds little but your body does get used to it.

Newborn doesn’t want to sleep … surprise 😀

Newborn doesn’t want to sleep …
How long did it take you to go on the internet to search : baby doesn’t want to sleep, baby doesn’t want to sleep in mose basket ? 😄 oh yes most of us did it within 48 hours of being at home. Every time we put Chloe down in her mose basket hoping for a brake she would start crying. We thought that she hated this basket! You can find a lot of advice on the internet, we used some of them and our common sense. Baby is used to being in warm belly, snuggled up, not having much space.
– basket was definitely very big for her, her arms and legs would stretch and she would wake up straight away. We decided to swaddle her and this really helped.
– basket was also cold so we used fleece blanket over her mattress which made it cosy.
Those worked for us . Chloe sleeps in it but I think that she still hates it 😊