Newborn doesn’t want to sleep … surprise 😀

Newborn doesn’t want to sleep …
How long did it take you to go on the internet to search : baby doesn’t want to sleep, baby doesn’t want to sleep in mose basket ? 😄 oh yes most of us did it within 48 hours of being at home. Every time we put Chloe down in her mose basket hoping for a brake she would start crying. We thought that she hated this basket! You can find a lot of advice on the internet, we used some of them and our common sense. Baby is used to being in warm belly, snuggled up, not having much space.
– basket was definitely very big for her, her arms and legs would stretch and she would wake up straight away. We decided to swaddle her and this really helped.
– basket was also cold so we used fleece blanket over her mattress which made it cosy.
Those worked for us . Chloe sleeps in it but I think that she still hates it 😊

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