Traveling on my own with Chloe 😂🙏🏻

 I am currently waiting for a take off of  our plane while 18 months old Chloe is siting on my lap with no extra spare  space between her, the next seat and my bump 😂. 

 Also might I say that  getting from the airport to the plane with 4 hand luggages, toddler and a pram was let’s just say …. Challenging 😂

 Let’s see how the next two hours go …. 

 But it will all be worth it …. 3 days in Poland with my family with lovely weather, with no chores to do (cooking, cleaning, making bed 😊)   



I am writing while on holidays in Poland, Krakow. Or shall I say Me and Chloe are on holidays while my husband is working 😂. I am polish living in London so we come to Poland quite often (often for someone with a baby every 4 months or so).I usually go to  my home town Wroclaw, and for the past few years it was very busy and hectic. This time my husband was send to Krakow for work and Me and Chloe have came with him. This meant that I had nothing to do except spending time with Chloe!  We are having so much quality time together,I am shocked how different it is back at home. You would think that I spend as much time with her her as I do back at home … But back at home I have to cook, clean, sort things out, get on a tube for ages to get somewhere …. Here I only do things with her, sightseeing, swimming, going out for lunch,dinner, coffee … everything is within 10 minutes walk. This has made me realise that though I spent the whole day with Vhloe it’s not a quality time … I need to make sure that I change it as soon as I am back home especially that I have only 2 months of maternity leave left 😕