Precious time …

Am I cherishing every moment ? Am I enjoying every second of this little tiny body in my arms ? Is every moment as precious as I wanted it to be ?  When a baby is born we are in this lovely bubble of love! We want to enjoy every second of having a new born baby and being a mum/dad. First weeks are like a dream, you are in a bubble of happiness (and also a little bit delirious from lack of sleepπŸ˜‚)… then real life gets in your way… First little things crop in like having to cook, clean, have a shower or go to the shop … Then comes the tiredness, need for adult company and coffee , spending hours on google researching why my baby cries, baby doesn’t sleep, baby doesn’t eat, what to do … how to do it …. , going to baby classes, going for a walks, visiting friends, play groups, having to start giving your baby some independence …. then you realise that they are already 1 Month… 3 Months…. 6 Months … 1 Year Old … And the question you constantly ask is 1. When has the time gone???!!!! 2. Why is my baby growing so fast ???!!!! 

Even though you probably cherished every second of being with your baby you will look back and think that you haven’t made enough of this special time, you will question yourself have I taken enough photos of my little baby?, have I given him or her enough cuddles? have I been staring at him or her enough? have I remembered every single special thing that they did for the first time ?  

When my second daughter was born I was saying that I need to enjoy everything more than I did first time round (don’t think that it is possible really) But I constantly keep thinking how quickly she is growing and questioning if I make the most of it ? Yes I think that I am, but I am sad to let go … sad that I won’t see her first smile anymore, sad that she isn’t this tiny newborn baby anymore, sad that I have to buy next size clothes … and at the same time very excited about seeing her grow and develop …. 

I love the baby stage so much that I might start having a baby every year just so I can enjoy it all over again, all the time πŸ˜‚

Babies grow very fast so cherish every second as you won’t be able to get it back ! Enjoy sharing your life with this tiny person and making memories together, nothing else matters! 

WEEK 5 😳

WEEK 5 from a life with a newborn baby and 2 years old toddler. What have I accomplished ? 

1 – I have mastered the very tricky act of leaving the house by 9am. 

2 – Have had the best evening of my life when Chloe has had a meltdown for over an hour … without a reason. 

3 – Shopping trip to Westfield and I actually managed to buy something for myself not just the kids; Kids 2 big shopping bags full of clothes, Mum 1 dress and one jumper … shouldn’t that be the other way around ??!! (Oh and Dad got one thing πŸ˜‚) 

4 – Biggest achievement of all was 2 days without doing washing !!! Yuppie !!! 

5 – Discovered that Skylar is now 5kg !!! 😳This child is massive !!! It must be all of this tiramisu in my milk (I am addicted to it) πŸ˜€. 

6 – Managed to see lots of friends in hope that I can talk about something different than babies and nappies… that didn’t happen, but it was still nice to see all of you! 

7 – A 45 min nap on one occasion !!!!!! Rest of the days she is still awake when Chloe naps. 

8 – Have been on time on half of the occasions πŸ˜€. We are getting there πŸ˜€

9 – Oh and let’s don’t forget about mastering how to take off my denims with one hand while holding baby and folding washing one handed !!!!