I work in fashion and I love fashion.  What comes with it is the desire to buy lots of clothes for my baby girl. I am trying to be sensible with the amount of clothes I buy as she is growing so quickly. Because there is no point to buy lots the key is to buy carefully. Look at what do you need? how many of? And be selective! What is the most important, is making sure that clothes are comfortable and practical; trust me there is no point of buying lots of white clothes (as they won’t be white for long) or a silk blouse (as it probably will be ripped after first wash or wear) or something what is difficult to put on (as you baby will scream the place down!)   

 I am into fashion and trends, and I do want my baby to look nice but comfortable is a priority. I don’t agree with putting your baby in leather (think about how comfortable it is to wear for you, and you aren’t learning how to move and control every part of your body), lace (how itchy !!!)  ect! 

 Your baby can look cool, cute and be comfortable ! 

 Best retailers in my opinion is : H&M, NEXT, ZARA, MAMMAS AND PAPPAS and RIVER ISLAND MINI. Lots of cute, comfy and fab stuff. Look at my YUMMY BABY section for food and fashion updates !