It’s only just over 1 left till my little baby turns 1 !!! I can’t believe that my little girl will be 1!!!????  When did the time go ? I honestly don’t know! 

 I remember everyone telling me over and over again to enjoy Chloe being a baby because she will grow very fast, to enjoy all of the cuddling you get when they are tiny because once they can sit on they own they don’t want to cuddle anymore as its too boring, enjoy being at home as maternity finishes do quickly ….. I understand now why …. The time goes VERY quickly !!!

 With almost 2 months to go it’s time to start organising Chloe’s 1st birthday party !  I know that at this age Chloe doesn’t know what a birthday is so she definitely doesn’t understand that it will be HER birthday, that she doesn’t care if we have a tiny or a big party, or if we have any party at all…. When Chloe was born we decided (I must say it came quite natural πŸ˜‚) that we will be making big deal out of everything that is to do with Chloe (first smile, step, tooth, solid poo πŸ˜‚) and that’s includes her 1st birthday. Some people would say that I am just doing it for myself … Partly yes …. Mainly I am creating my family memories which we can documents and share with Chloe in 20 years time, so I know that I have done everything that I could to make sure that my angel has a special day because she is a very special precious girl  (I can’t see anything bad in it, you?). 

 Because Chloe doesn’t have favourite toy or cartoon I will go with a colour and print scheme instead of a theme. I want it to be colourful, fun and stimulating for her and other babies! As you already know I work in visual department which means that 1 I am very picky when it comes to how something looks, 2 I am lucky that I can do a lot myself. 

 I have been spending every free minute in Pinterest looking for ideas and getting inspired; Ideas for cake, decorations, themes, Chloe’s outfit, food etc. 

 Lucky I managed to find nice hall for the party (I wish I could do it at home but there is no way I could fit everyone comfortably) so I can now start concentrating on the details. I am already half way through creating the invitations (Yes I am doing it by myself).  

 I plan to decorate the cakes myself (I am not brawe enough to bake it😊) I just need to come up with some idea as to what I want ; And yes cakes as I will need 3 😳. One for the small family celebration on the actual birthday day, one for the party and one for the cake smashing photosession 😊. 

 You will be hearing lots about it in the next month. 

 What is your opinion about 1st birthday parties ? Have you already had one and have some tips? Or maybe you could share some of your ideas ? Please share with us. 

Have a lovely day x