LUNCH TIME ! Some great accesories which I love ! 

 Weaning is so much fun and I love going out for lunch with Chloe; I recon Chloe enjoyed it more as she has food, lots of distraction and a lot of attention (the 3 things that she can’t live without). But you need so much stuff : wipes, antibacterial wipes, pot with main meal, pot with a dessert, pot with snacks, bib, water, spoon, lunch bag, some toys etc….. 

 I found lots of very good items out there which make the whole proved a bit easier or just a bum more fun. 

1. MAM spoon

 What is great about this spoon is that it comes with a cover! It’s such a smal but genius idea! You know that your spoon is clean and ready for your baby to use it, and once your lunch is over you don’t need to worry about cleaning it or the spoon staining your lunch bag. It comes in few different colours. 

2. MAM bowl.

  What is great about this bowl is that it’s separated in two so you can have your dinner and a dessert in one container. The way is seperated is very good as it doesn’t let one food lik in to the other part of the container. Saves a lot of space !  

3. Lunch bag

 There is so many amazing lunch bags out ther, choice is very big. My favourite one will be the one made by SKIP HOP. They do an animal range which is the cuttest ever. We have two now: a zebra one and unicorn one. They are beautiful and so much fun for kids. Chloe loves to play with her bag! 

   There is a very big choice depending on what you like or what animal your baby loves😊  
Do you have any great lunch gadgets or items that you cannot live without or just love ? Please share with me and others! 

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