It has happend !!! Finally after waiting and waiting it has happend. After days and days of thinking that she will do it (rocking back and forward on her knees, making one hand move forward) she did it … AND THERE IS NOTHING STOPPING HER NOW !!!! Nothing stopping her to go and grab nails which I just left on the floor for a second, nothing stopping her trying to climb up the stairs, eat my sleepers, eat anything that is on the floor, pull things out of drawer …….. All of that and hous which is not baby prove equal me getting lots of grey hair😂 

I need to baby prove my house and I need to do it quickly !!!! 

But as anything to do with a baby this is not an easy and straightforward as I thought 😊. 

There is so many stair gates : wooden, metal, plastic, pressure one or drill in ones, one you can’t trip on ect …. Once I made my mind up on what I want guess what happened …. It doesn’t exist!!! 😩 I wanted a wooden one you can’t trip on, which doesn’t require drilling in to the wall ! will have to go for the secon best 😀

Play pen … What’s your opinion? I am getting one so I can go to the toilet without being followed or scared that she will decide to climb up the sofa ! 

Table corners protectors ( the only straightforward thing to buy ) are sorted . 

Cupboard locks are at less invisible to the eye … I remember my mum using elastic bands to stop me 😂

And door locking stoppers and sockets protectors .

And that’s when I will drawl the line … I am not buying foam for my door frames or covering all furniture with it  or any other crazy stuff … Chloe needs to learn not to do things and understand that if she does something she may hurt herself …  

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