Stroller / Lightweight buggy

Yes you do need one. 

Until recently I didn’t understand why people bought lightweight buggies after spending so much money on the lovely prams/travel systems. Why would you spend all of the money on this gorgeous pram to later use this ugly stroller ??!!

 Few months ago we went to Poland and taking our pram was a nightmare !!! We had to buy a bag for it so it won’t get damage in the plane (this bag was as big as me!) Trying to carry it was like carrying a dead body ! We rented a car while being there; this has proven tricky as we had to find one with big enough boot to fit the pram in. All in all the experience wasn’t a good one. 

 We have just bought Mamas & Pappas City stroller. Light weight, compact, can fold it with one hand and it looks good as well:-) love it 

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