ANOTHER BIG STEP : Mummy emotional, Chloe oblivious.

We have had quite a few big steps happening recently. As I mentioned in previous posts we started introducing solid food, Chloe has moved from the carrycot to a pram. Now was the time to start with another milestone : starting to move Chloe in to her own room !!!! 😳 

Just thinking about it makes me scared and tearful 🙂  Soon Chloe will be 6 months old (what???!!!! Where did the time go???) and that’s when by UK guidance they don’t have to sleep in this same room as you. I think that it will help with all of us sleeping much better and start preparing me slowly emotionally for what will come (maternity leave will end at some point)

We decided to start with Baby steps by putting Chloe for her naps in to her cot. We will do it for a week and then try to put her there for a night. Chloe knows her room and her cot pretty well as we always change her there, put her to play in her cot etc. that’s why we can start with naps straight away (Advice is that you start with leaving babies to play in the cot first)

 Surprisingly  after 5 min of looking round Chloe just went to sleep, not bothered by new bed, or how big deal it is for her Mum ! 


If this is such a big deal for me how the hell will I leave her there for the whole night ??? How will I sleep without her next to me?? And God only knows how will I leave her in the nursery??!!!! 

 Someone was a happy bunny after her nap  

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