CLOCK CHANGE and the baby 

We all know how this small clock change messes us up ! It’s inly an hour but it sims like our body doesn’t know what is going on. Now imagine that you are only few months old 😊 this equals trouble ! 

Few days ago Chloe started getting up earlier which was messing up the whole daily routine ( sleeping every 2 hours). So this time change should work perfectly and bring our routine back on track. ( we normally get up at 7am and sleep every two hours, eat every 4  and go to bed by 7pm. Chloe started to get up at 6am which meant that I ether had to keep her up longer between naps which was making her really tired and cranky; or I had to keep her up longer in the evening which meant that  she was oils struggle to go to sleep. 

I decided to act. Plan of action ? Just stick to exactly this same routine and dosing things at the time we usually do it. It doesn’t matter that really is an hour earlier, just stick to the time. 

Plan to wake your baby up an hour earlier to start the day. That way your baby won’t notice any differece and the time change won’t upset your baby’s routine. 

Hope that all of you mums up there had an easy transition from wint r to summer time  🌞🌸🌺🌻🌷

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