Moses Basket is great and I would definitely recommend buying one. 

I been adviced to buy cheaper one and not to spend to much money on it. It was a good advice, considering how much you use it and what for,there is no need to buy an expensive one.  

If you are planning o keeping your baby with you for the first 6 months then I would advice to also buy a crib. Why? Though moses baskets are apparently for 0-6months our Chloe was getting to small for it at 3 months. We had to buy the crib and then go throught few nights of getting her use to the new bed. 

I would advice to have the crib in your bedroom next to your bed and moses basket in your living room where the little bundle of joy would spend most of the time in the first few weeks. 

When it comes to fitted sheets get few of those, baby sick, nappy leak will happen so you will have to change it quite a few times 🙂 I would advice on 2 Blankets for sleeping. We got much more and I haven’t used most of them. Obviously it needs to be a cellular blanket. 

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