Not all perfect …. 😊

I very often feel like a yummy mummy: organised, dressed nicely, make up and hair done, tidy house (most of the time😊)happy and clean baby in the pram … You would look at me today and think lucky cow: got full night of sleep, didn’t have to get up early and had a morning to herself … You couldn’t be more mistaken…. I haven’t slept for 2 night in the row now ( I don’t think that getting up every hour to crying baby you can call sleeping). I have to get up every morning at 4:15am to go to work…. The only reason You don’t get scared when you look at me it’s because I have LOTS of make up on (I am surprised that you can see my face under all of the foundation, highlighter and canceller). I am just about able to keep my eyes open but I will put a smile on my face because it makes it so much easier than being miserable. You don’t see all of the coffee I consume to get me through the day, you don’t see that I keep yawning all the time. You don’t see me eating ridiculous amount of sugary crap to keep me going (normal healthy food doesn’t work in such a extreme situations).

By the time I get home I am beyond exhausted but I get a lot of energy as soon as I see my babies cute face. I know that I have only 3,5 hours with Chloe so this time of the day is precious and I won’t let stupid tiredness get in the way. By the time Chloe is asleep I am like a zombie …. I go to bed and pray for a better night of sleep …. No ones life is perfect and easy all the time , even if it might look like it on the picture …

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