ITS NOT YOUR BABY FAULT ! Outrageous post … Mums don’t hate me ! 😊 

It prapobaly will be quite outrageous post, please other Mums don’t hate me, I just can’t listen to it any longer without saying something.

” Looking good while having new born baby ” if you are at home in your tracksuit covered in baby vomit with a greasy hair ITS YOUR CHOICE ! Yes it is possible to look good when you have a tiny baby! Yes it is much harder and requires an effort but IT IS POSSIBLE! 

Each of us make a a choice every single day : Will I was my hair ? Will I put a make up on ? Will I try to fit my bum in to those denims ? If you choose to be lazy (sorry for being blunt but it is laziness except some special circumstances) that’s fine. Honestly you don’t have to wear nice clothes or put make up on, it’s fine to live like that but DONT BLAME IT ON HAVING A BABY!!! It makes me so so so angry ! As I said it is much more difficult than before, and yes there are days where baby is to be blamed : didn’t sleep the whole night, been ill etc, but not every single day! 

As a mums we are all tired, we all have small babies who don’t sleep and cry, we are all sleep deprivated. Every single day we take a decision as to what we will do. I make the effort to get out of my loungewear and get dressed nicely, put my make up on, style my hair and go out!  Sometimes, usually after a bad night I choose not to do it and just stay in my pijamas doing the minimum that I have to …. But I don’t blame my baby !

I hear other mums say : you are lucky, your baby weight just disappeared ! Guess what ? Nothing just disappears !!! It’s not a fairytale. I have been working hard every morning making sure I go back to having my old body (or as close as I can get to it) every morning when you choosed to sit on the sofa I choose to work out. I hated it, I hated doing it, I dont want to do it and I don’t enjoy it; I knew that I wasn’t happy with my body and there was only one way to change it … Ps still can’t get in to my old jeans but it doesn’t bother me 😊

To recap : I don’t think that there is something wrong with not looking after yourself, I mean there is but it’s your choice and as far as you are happy it’s ok, but don’t blame it on  your Baby! 

Oh and it’s not the baby fouls that your house is a mess ! Not until they can crawl/walk and make a mess … Actually on the secon thought even then it’s not yet fault 😉 



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