2 days ago Chloe has turned 5 months old !!!! 


She weights now 6,3 kg (  pretty much double her birth weight) and is pretty “tall” as we have to do a wardrobe change to 6-9 months clothes. 

 She is able now to :

– seat on her own for few seconds

– stand up on her own when I hold her hands.

– she only wants to stands

– she is blowing raspberries all the time 

– she stuck her tongue out

– she is eating solids and loves it ! (So far baby porridge and rice but if she likes that she will like everything) 

– put her feet in to her mouth (what a milestone 😊)


– she is such a happy and good baby

I can’t believe that it’s been already 5 months! 5 months of so much love and happiness that at times I think that I will burst. 5 month of worrying about the most ridiculous things (happening to Chloe). Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring , or shall I say what Chloe will bring 😊

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