NO MORE BABY SLEEPING PROBLEMS !!!! Hurray!!!! …. How wrong was I πŸ˜Š#neverending

So I thought that we cracked the sleeping problem and everything will be now perfect … And it was for a day or two but then Chloe decided that she will go back to being a newborn baby and start feeding every 2 hours!!!!!! How and why??!!! Until now Chloe was eating every 5 – 6 hours at night and was sleeping perfectly in between !!! Why would she change that? 😳😳😳

On the very beginning I thought that she is going through the growth spurt, but after a week of it I guessed that this is not the reason …. She can’t be growing so much !!!

It’s been now over 2 weeks and after another bad night I hit the Internet πŸ˜€oh yes again !  I discovered that there is a lot of us with exactly this same problem. Just put on to google: 4 months old feeds every 2 hours and you will have millions of links. My research conclusions : there is lots of reasons it may be happening πŸ˜ƒ (I told you that nothing is ever straight forward with babies) 

1. Your milk changes at 4 months and it’s not as fatty as it use to be, because of that baby needs more to stay full or eats more often.  That would explain a lot 😊 apparently you should feed your baby more through the day and it will make her fuller at night so she won’t be up so often for the feeds. In my experience it won’t work, Chloe will eat all of the extra on top of her usual 😳😳😳 she also poos so much that I don’t think it stays in her belly for very long time 😁

2. Baby’s are so interested in the surrounding that they eat very quickly so they can explore what is happening. Obviously eating isn’t very exciting so they want to get it done very quickly and eat only the minimum needed to stop feeling hungry. That would be a good explanation as well. Apparently feeding in a dark quiet room should solve the problem. 

3. At 4 months they go through sleep regression. 

4. It’s normal up until around 6 months that babies wake up a lot and we just need to wait for them to become sleep mature !!  

So I will be trying some of it to see if it makes any difference! I will also be begging Chloe to let me sleep a bit more and maybe she will feel sorry for myself and decides to give me a small break. 

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