Labour – aren’t we all looking forward to it? 😳 NOT

Labour – aren’t we all looking forward to it? 😳
The most scariest moment of my life !!! I was petrified even thinking about it !! Reading and listening about it was making me feel sick. Why babies can’t just pop out ??!! Oh life would be so much better 😊
I think that the worst thing about labour was that I just didn’t know what to expect, not knowing is quite scary. I plan everything in my life so not being able to plan this little detail was freaking me out as I wasn’t in control!
You are expected to decide what type of labour you want … But how should you know when you don’t know, how you will fill, how long it will take, how you will deal with the pain….
I remember going to see my birth centre. There was around 20 of us making our way to one of the rooms when we seen a woman screaming in pain and looking pretty bad … I turned to my husband and said : I am not doing it !!! I am not going to give birth hehehe
Did any of you notice that all of the people who try to be “helpful” always tell you about the word labour scenario ? I did and this wasn’t helping at all.
Me and my husband decided that we will try water birth and if it gets too painful I will get epidural😊. I know that there is a lot of brave women saying : I will do it all natural, but I didn’t want to try to be brave😊.
Then there is the question of when?. When will the baby decide to come?😊. Everyone says that your first baby is always late and you usually have it in week 41 or 42. When when when when ……. I had a bet will almost everyone about my baby’s due date. I was admitted that she will come one week earlier which would make it 27 of October, everyone else been betting one week late or more. Guess who was right ?…….
Did you hear that most labours never go to plan ? They don’t ! neither did my.
My waters broke on the evening of Sunday the 26 of October which was great as this mean that I wan all of the bets 😁. My baby girl was one week earlier ! I didn’t have to wait any longer to see her !!!! So my water broke, what’s next? I didn’t have any contractions so I knew that my labour didn’t start yet. We called the hospital and we been told that I have to be seen by the doctor.
We went to the hospital and after monitoring baby for 30min to make sure that she is fine I was sent home and told that if my labour doesn’t start I need to be back at the hospital at 7pm (24 hours later). Obviously I didn’t really sleep, I keep waking up to see if I was having contractions 😊. By the morning my contraction has started but they were very mild and far apart. So of we went walking, out for a lunch (yes I did) and to the shop for pineapples ( apparently it helps). By the late afternoon I had contractions every 6-7 minutes. I remember seating on my exercise ball and saying to my husband : hun I have really high pain threshold, this isn’t bad at all ! I have called the hospital to confirm that I don’t have to go to go back there just to be told that I have to be seen by a doctor. While waiting for the doctor midwife told me that I will be induced … But why ? I am having contractions so why should I be induced? Apparently that wasn’t the proper contractions, I remember telling my husband that this midwife didn’t know what she was talking about, that I have a very high pain threshold that’s why I wasn’t in agony 😊…. I couldn’t have be more wrong 😊. We have waited from 7pm to 3am to be seen by the doctor (apparently very very busy night with emergences) and by this point contractions were much more painful, or my pain threshold has decreased dramatically 😊. Before you are being induced you always have to have a ultrasound done to check that the baby is ok …. Can you imagine my face when doctor told me that baby is sideways and I may need to have emergency cesarian ??!! I went from wanting a water birth to being induced to having cesarian ??!! Luckily he was wrong, his boss informed us that baby is fine, she is ready to come and I’m 4cm dilated 😊but I still need to be induced….. Once induced question asked by my midwife was: what pain relief ? We decided on epidural but because I really wanted to be mobile (thought of not being able to walk to the toilet was scary) and be able to feel when to push I didn’t want it straight away. I wanted to see how long I can last on gas & air. Plan was that once I can’t bear the pain anymore I will get epidural. Midwife said that the earliest baby will arrive will be 1pm so with that in mind waiting with epidural was a good idea….. As it turned out it wasn’t 😊 Around 8:30-9:00 am I couldn’t bear the pain anymore and asked for epidural but at this point midwife has discovered that I’m almost 8cm dilated (she was very surprised) She said that baby will be here very soon so there is no time for epidural. On the 28 of October at 9:24 Chloe was born 🙂 I can easily say that it was the happiest moment in my life 😊 My advice is take epidural earlier don’t try to be brave as I was 🙂 but considering that being induced is twice as painful as natural birth I am very proud of myself for doing it on only gas and air and I have to point it out I didn’t scream once !!!!!!!!! I also need to mention my husband. He was amazing throughout the whole time and I probably couldn’t do it without him . Even though he was trying to feed me banana while I was pushing (you can imagine what was my response)😁
My biggest fear throughout the labour …. not to poo … thats why I was only eating bananas 🙂

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